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At three months, Kade Bauman couldn't hold his head up on his own. The doctors said to wait. He just might need a little more time. Then the seizures started. At one and a half years, Kade has been hospitalized six times in the last year.

Diagnosed with epilepsy, cortical vision impairment and hypotonia, Kade's parents and grandparents, therapists and friends work together to give him the care he needs. "I knew we were strong, but I didn't know how strong," says Kade's mother, Annette Bauman.

Kade holds his hands at rest on his chest during a bath. His neurologists see this gesture as a developmental sign of hope for improvement and recovery. Kade's three medical conditions, epilepsy, vision impairment and hypotonia, contribute to a global delay in his development. At one and a half, Kade cannot support his head, crawl or talk.
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